Marc Jacobs Parfum Is Fun And Classy

Recently, I started wearing perfume again after a long break. There are so many brands to choose from. It’s often difficult to decide.

Ironically, my husband made the decision for me. He bought me a bottle of Marc Jacobs Parfum for my birthday.

There are so many things I love about the line of perfume:

1. They Smell Wonderful

If there’s one thing I learned about perfume – don’t go cheap. You can tell if a woman is wearing a cheap perfume because the smell of the perfume will linger what seems like forever.

An expensive scent, on the other hand, gives you a whiff of a pleasant fragrance as a woman walks by but then leaves your senses soon afterward. A woman wants to have only a hint of fragrance on. She doesn’t wish to smell like a perfume shop. She doesn’t want anything that’s overpowering.

2. They Come In Beautiful Packages

One thing I love about Marc Jacobs Parfum is the packaging. After my husband had introduced me to the perfume, I bought many more. One of my favorites is “Daisy Dream.” The beautiful bottle comes with little white daisies on it. It’s so cute and fun!

3. You Can Find It Online

One of the most popular places to buy perfume is at the department store in the beauty department. However, my favorite place to shop for the scents is online. The Marc Jacobs line is so popular, you can find it online and often at discount prices.

I highly recommend Marc Jacobs Parfum for any woman who is looking for fun, classy scents that will make you smell wonderful. The line is pricey, as with most designer scents. However, the prices won’t break the bank. You’ll fall in love with the line, and you’ll want a lot of bottles.

How To Find Your Own Romantic Scent

Hygiene is of utmost importance, but that does not have to mean that you have to smell just like a plain soap.

Sometimes, you want a more attractive scent, either for a special occasion or for romance.

Romance is one of the biggest reasons to look into getting a special scent. But how do you know what to look for? Read on to learn how to find your own romantic scent.

One place you may want to start with when it comes to seductive perfumes, colognes, etc. are from renowned scent brands that are known for their scents. You may want to stick with some classic brands like Oscar de la Renta, Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Taylor, Chanel, and Dior.

If you want some new romantic fancy perfume from recent pop culture icons you can also look into fragrances from people like Beyonce, Sean Combs, and many more.

You can also go with smaller, independent brands. These can be a great option for those that are sensitive to some common fragrance ingredients, are vegan, etc.

Price is also another consideration. If this is a perfume that you want to save for those romantic time and you have the money for it, you may want to invest in a pricier perfume. A cheaper one may be a good choice for the budget-conscience.

However, keep in mind that many of the more expensive, classic brands tend to be more potent for longer periods of time than the cheaper varieties.

There are certain fragrances that are commonly associated with affectionate feelings too. Try looking for scents that have hints of things like flowers, such as lilies, peonies and roses, spices like cardamom, musk, woods, etc.

Do not forget to check different types of scent applications. Perfume and colognes are the old standbys, but there are also choices out there.

You can look into eau de parfum, eau de toilette, essential oils, and fragrance based beauty products like shower gels, soaps, creams, and even makeup.

Each one of these have different applications and scent levels based on how bold or how light your want your fragrance to smell.

Now you have a large list of things to consider when choosing your own romantic scent. You can find a scent by brand, by price, by type of fragrance, and by type of scent. Once you find the one that works, you can turn any occasion into something unforgettable.

Hydrate Your Skin With Mary Kay Age Fighting Moisturizer

Using anti aging products on your skin is one of the best ways you can take care of it. These products help turn back the clock and can reverse damage from the sun and free radicals. Mary Kay Age Fighting Moisturizer is especially effective at hydrating your skin and giving it back its youthful glow.

It is important to use moisturizer at least twice a day if you want to get the most benefit from it. The brand of moisturizer that you use is very important as well. Mary Kay offers lots of great choices. The Age Fighting Moisturizer is specially formulated to stop wrinkles and fine lines. It can minimize their appearance and will keep your skin hydrated for 10 hours.

The formula is full of antioxidants and it is also dermatologist tested. It doesn’t matter what your skin type is either. This formula works on all skin types. Mary Kay Age Fighting Moisturizer won’t aggravate your allergies and it will never irritate your skin.

With its hypoallergenic formula, you don’t have to worry about annoying fragrance or oil blocking your pores and causing acne. Just use the moisturizer once or twice a day on clean skin and you can start enjoying all the benefits it offers. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, it is never too late to start on a skin moisturizing regimen. Of course, the earlier you start using the moisturizer the better the results will be. Don’t give those wrinkles a chance to even get started.

Start turning back the clock with Mary Kay. You will love the way it makes your skin look and the price is right as well. This moisturizer will definitely improve the appearance of your skin and help restore your youth.

What Is Cocoa Butter And How Can It Help You?

One of the biggest things to hit antiaging creams and oils recently is Cocoa butter. What is Cocoa butter anyway and how can using it really benefit you?

Cocoa butter is made from cocoa beans and is used normally and chocolate products. Thanks to its high antioxidant content, it is now being used in numerous soaps, lotions, and other skin products. What are some of the things that cocoa butter can be used for on your skin? Below you can find just a few of the things you can use cocoa butter for in regard to your skin care.

Chapped Lips
A high-quality cocoa butter used daily can really make your lips very soft and extremely kissable. It can help reduce rough or chapped lips and will make your lips appear to be plumper.

Removal of Scars or Stretch Marks
Thanks to cocoa butters high antioxidant content, it is an amazing natural treatment for scars or stretch marks. Use it daily and you can see scars fading to their normal skin tone and even disappearing entirely.

We all know how difficult it is to remove stretch marks, but if you use cocoa body butter on a daily basis, you can see some wonderful results in a very short period of time.

Antiaging Properties
Everything from stress to sunlight can significantly damage your skin, resulting in wrinkles, age spots, and other common signs of aging. Cocoa butter has a fantastic blend of elements which will promote antiaging by helping your skin get rid of age spots, and adding moisture that will reduce wrinkles and signs of sun damage.

Hair Health
What is Cocoa butter used for besides skin health? Well, Cocoa butter is not only good for your skin, but also good for your hair. If you have very hard to manage hair, brittle hair, or split ends, then cocoa butter can help to strengthen your hair and give it a shiny luster.

As you can see from the list above, cocoa butter is very beneficial to your body for many different applications. It is certainly one natural remedy that you can find many different uses for.

Does Ed Hardy Born Wile Perfume Sing Your Tune?

Ed Hardy Born Wile Perfume is actually Ed Hardy Born Wild Perfume, and comes in a variety of delivery methods and sizes, and is intended as a woman’s scent.

The main constituents you will notice include a complex bouquet of floral scents, which include casis buds, dewberry, black currant, magnolia, and peach blossom. The heavier and earthier tones the sing to the complexities of women include mugget, musk, and sandalwood.

To decide if it is right for you, start out by reading about the scents you would notice in the formula. Sometimes you can guess whether you will like the scent and how well it mixes with your body’s personal chemistry without doing a skin test.

Though, the true evaluation comes when you go into the store, and give it a spray onto your wrist, neck, and behind your ears.

A little goes a long way with every fragrance. It’s important to note many people mistakenly overdo the spritzes, which can be off-putting to those around them. That is especially bad when looking to make a good impression, but instead creating the opposite effect.

The ed hardy born wile perfume, again, Born Wild, is best when sprayed or worn directly against the skin. Another mistake people often make with perfume is spraying it onto their clothes. The problem with having any fragrance, especially perfumes against textiles is at least two-fold.

For one, it offers a bowling over effect to passersby, cube-mates and co-workers, and wastes your perfume. Plus, perfume may be rough n your textiles because of the nature of the main components in any perfume.

Spray on the skin only as much as you need. Let it air out for a few minutes, and decide then if you need any more perfume.

Begin with a good small sized bottle, which you can buy for as little as 15 dollars. The mini spray is a simple way to decide if the product is for you, without getting weighed down with a 20-year supply. The bigger spray is approximately 35 dollars. The largest size runs approximately 55 dollars.

Mixing and matching perfumes by the same designer is also a great deal of fun. Though, once you have set your eyes on Born Wild, you probably are never going to set sights on purchasing the others, because you will become so addicted to this lovely scent.